Convenience Store Display and Storage Cooler and Freezer

In a convenience store it is important to create an attractive product display area that will encourage your customers to buy. However, it is equally critical to select the correct refrigeration systems in order to maintain products at the proper temperature at all times. If your customer has selected a "cold" drink, then it is important to the long-term success of your store that the drinks are, in fact, cold! With a wide variety of options in display glass doors and the ability to customize the size of your storage area to fit the space available, Power Cool Inc. can design an efficient cold storage room as well as a display that will enhance the overall appearance of your store.

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Walk-In Freezers near Philadelphia, Refrigerated Storage Warehouses

When investing in a storage warehouse facility, it is important to remember the most costly part of your investment is most often the product which you are storing. Depending on the type of product, it's tolerance to temperature changes within the storage room will vary. But in all cases, a loss of temperature caused by equipment failure can be a very costly problem.

When designing any large cold storage area, it is important that optional construction techniques are understood before you make a final decision on how you will proceed with your project. For example, our experienced personnel can review options available to insulate large floor areas and the advantages of each for your particular location and operation.


Flower Refrigeration  and Display Coolers

Critical to the successful storage and display of flowers is creating the proper environment to assure their freshness for the longest possible time. It is essential to maintain the proper temperature and humidity as well as the appropriate airflow or flowers may dry out and loose their merchantability. This could result in a major loss for your business. At Power Cool Inc., we can provide the proper refrigeration equipment in a walk-in sized to fit your requirements for storage or display. Add our custom design ability and a wide variety of options in display windows to your personal input and your floral displays will command the attention of anyone passing by.

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